Fidesz Congress Issues Declaration on Europe: “We Need a Strong Europe”

Fidesz Congress Issues Declaration on Europe: “We Need a Strong Europe”

2015. 12. 14.

The declaration calls for Europe to be strong once again, instead of “weak and indecisive,” a Europe that protects the future of European families and Europe’s fundamental, Christian values. To find its strength again, the declaration says, “Europe’s leaders must hear the voice of the people.”

The immigration policy of the EU is “hypocritical, irresponsible and dangerous.” Without the support of European voters, the policy has no democratic legitimacy and threatens to destabilize not just the European Union but European civilization as a whole.

The following is the complete text of the declaration in English.

On Europe

We, delegates of the Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union congress – as members of a party which since the beginning of the democratic process following the fall of communism has had continuous parliamentary representation based on electoral results, and which has always championed the causes of freedom, national independence and the reunification of Europe – issue the following declaration:
·         The time has come for speech which is open and frank.
·         By promoting mass illegal immigration, European decision-makers have driven Europe to the brink of a crisis not seen since the Second World War.
·         The European Union’s pro-immigration policy is hypocritical, irresponsible and dangerous.
·         It is hypocritical because by loudly proclaiming the obligation of humanity towards refugees it conceals its true objectives: to import cheap labour into the European economy; to recruit masses of new voters for leftist-liberal parties which have been losing support; and to place Member States under the authority of a centralized bureaucracy. All this would be achieved even at the cost of eradicating the Christian civilizational foundations of Europe.
·         Meanwhile, European decision-makers continually and openly violate EU law. Without any treaty-based authority they prescribe compulsory resettlement quotas, and abuse their power by threatening unwilling Member States with the withdrawal of financial resources.
·         Pro-immigration policy is irresponsible because it is further increasing social tensions stemming from problems in integrating the masses of migrants being admitted into various European states. It is irresponsible because it is imposing heavy burdens on the budgets of Member States. It is irresponsible because it is permanently changing Europe’s ethnic identity and culture, which even in its diversity has been united by its Christian roots.
·         Pro-immigration policy is dangerous because it is now absolutely clear that immigration increases the threat of terrorism. The perpetrators of terrorist acts in recent months have all been immigrants. All European leaders know this, yet they still deny the link between immigration and terrorism.
·         European voters have neither directly nor indirectly given any authorization for this policy. This policy is anti-democratic because it is being pursued in opposition to increasingly manifest public opinion, and alongside increasingly determined efforts aimed at suppressing the expression of public opinion. This policy not only threatens the existence of the European Union, but it threatens to destabilise the whole of European civilization.
·         Pro-immigration policy has failed. We shall oppose it with the authorisation and support of the Hungarian people, and through all means which are possible and lawful. What is needed is democracy, not a dictatorship of opinion. Europe's leaders must hear the voice of the people.
·         We shall not allow the future of our families to be destroyed in the name of any form of economic or political interest, or any form of ideological obsession. We shall defend Hungary!
·         Instead of a weak indecisive Europe which has lost its instinct to survive, we again need a strong Europe. We stand ready to take part in its creation.